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proasp_howto thread: Processing CSV attachments

Message #1 by "Jeff Gardner" <jeffg22@a...> on Fri, 23 Mar 2001 01:34:43 -0600
If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2000, you could write an Add-In that 
would look for these attachments and take the appropriate action. I would 
probably have it check for unread mail in the inbox, then check for 
attachments. If it found e-mail that fit the criteria that tells you that 
it is an order, the code would process the Registration Number, create the 
e-mail and bounce it back to the requester. You would probably want it to 
programmatically move the received e-mail to a folder created for 
processed orders after it completed. The easist way would be to write the 
add-in in Visual Basic. If you are running on a Microsoft Exchange Server, 
you could create an agent that would look for the arrival of e-mail in 
your inbox and inspect automatically whenever something arrived. If you 
are using Lotus Notes, an agent could be written that would run. If you 
really wanted to get ambitious, and you are running Windows NT or Windows 
2000, you could write the whole thing as a service and have it hit the 
specified mailbox periodically and check for new entries.

Mike McLain

"Jeff Gardner" <jeffg22@a...>
03/23/2001 02:34 AM
Please respond to "How To"

        To:     "How To" <proasp_howto@p...>
        Subject:        Processing CSV attachments

Is there a way for a program or web page to automatically respond to a CSV
file attached to an incoming eMail message, generating an eMail to the
customer with a registration code -- all without human intervention (i.e.,
triggered by receipt of the file)??

I am considering distributing software through an Internet shopping site,
and they send transaction information back to me in a CSV file attached to
an eMail (not as a form POST).  I then need to generate a Registration 
for the customer (not a problem) and send it back to the customer in an
eMail (also not a problem).  I would like to eliminate the need for human
intervention in processing the eMail and file received from the shopping
Thanks for your help and suggestions.


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