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proasp_howto thread: Need to access a DOS window for command line input

Message #1 by "Aimee Newell" <aimee@m...> on Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:59:02
	If you need the full module let me know. However the shell command

strsourcezipfile = strSourceDir & "\" & strSourceFile
        strTargetZipFile = strTargetDir & "\" & Mid(strSourceFile, 1, 7)
'(strSourceFile) - 4)

        Shell ("E:\data\access\utility\WinZip32.exe" & " -m" & " " &
strTargetZipFile & " " &    strsourcezipfile)

        Shell ("E:\Program Files\WinZip Self-Extractor\Winzipse.exe" & " " &
strTargetZipFile & " -Y -D" & " " & "c:\temp")

Private Sub pbZip_Click()
 Dim strMsg, strStyle, strTitle, strResponse As String
 Dim strPath As String
 strMsg = "You are going to zip all files! Do you want to continue?"
 strStyle = vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2 ' Define buttons.
 strTitle = "ZIP Access Files"
 strResponse = MsgBox(strMsg, strStyle, strTitle)
 If strResponse = vbYes Then
        Call mZipFiles.ZipFiles
        Exit Sub
 End If

End Sub

-----Original Message-----
From: Aimee Newell [mailto:aimee@m...]
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 3:59 PM
To: How To
Subject: Need to access a DOS window for command line input

I am trying to use the WinZip Command Line Add-On to zip some files from 
an ASP page.   I am having problems accessing a prompt so that I can enter 
the command.  Is there a Shell function or something similar in VB 
Script?  If so how do I use it?  


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