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proasp_howto thread: Problem registering COM+ components

Message #1 by "Dave Savage" <dave@w...> on Thu, 1 Aug 2002 23:20:36
You can delete a service by Window ResourceKit tool
named DelService which can be found at

And to register a componet manually you can use
regsvr32.exe. Goto Start menu/Run type regsrv32 then
enter, it will show you parameters needed to register
your component

Hope this help

--- Dave Savage <dave@w...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working through Pro ASP 3.0 and am very keen to
> move my web apps from 
> solely ASP pages to an n-tier COM+ based approach.
> The problem I am having is when I come to register
> my components with 
> Component Services. When I go to 'Import
> component(s) that are already 
> registered', I get the following error:
> 'An error occurred while processing the last
> operation.
> Error code 8000FFFF - Catastrophic failure
> The event log may contain additional troubleshooting
> information.'
> If I click 'Refresh List', I get the same error but
> with an error code 
> of '8011002B'.
> Now, I looked at the Event Log and found this error:
> 'The Bright Tiger Service service failed to start
> due to the following 
> error: 
> The system cannot find the path specified.'
> After some digging I found that Bright Tiger is a
> load manager installed 
> by ColdFusion, which in this case hadn't been
> installed properly. So, I 
> uninstalled ColdFusion, but Bright Tiger was still
> listed in Services. Not 
> having ColdFusion anymore, I installed an evaluation
> copy I had lying 
> around. CFStudio and Bright Tiger installed OK, but
> CFServer refused to 
> install. However, with Bright Tiger fully installed,
> I thought I'd give it 
> another go... Same error, but this time with no
> reference to the Bright 
> Tiger service being the culprit within the Event
> Log.
> So... my components don't seem to work and I can't
> tell if it's because I 
> haven't registered them properly or if it's because
> they just don't work, 
> or if my PC is screwed up...
> Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Or is
> there a way I can 
> register my components without 'Import[ing]
> component(s) that are already 
> registered'?
> Dave

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