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proasp_howto thread: ASP & DTPicker

Message #1 by "Gareth V Moore" <shumba@h...> on Mon, 26 Aug 2002 19:25:52 +1000
I would really appreciate  some advice if anyone can assist.

Here?s the scenario. My interest at this point of time is to work with Date
& Time parameters and to pass these variables via a Request.Form to a
Response Form  and update a stored procedure which accepts the two Date &
Time arguments.  I?ve achieved success by manually entering the Date in a
Textbox and submitting to the response page where I pass two arguments
 dates) to a stored procedure running on SQL Server. This functionality
works well and I?ve  manually been able to update the text boxes with Date &
Time parameters, so know problems here?

 My question is as follows;

 I would like to use an ActiveX object such as the DTPicker (Date & Time
Picker) to be able to update the text boxes and then submit this to the
Response Form.  Is anyone able to assist with the syntactical  process to
achieve passing the DTPicker1.value to the Request Form and in turn
submitting this to the Request Form?

I can pass the DTPicker1.value to a text box in the function however I'm
unable to reference this data anywhere else on the request form in order to
pass onto the response form.

 I look forward to hearing from you, I appreciate your assistance

 Gareth Moore BSc Elect. Eng MCP WCSP
-: garethm@m...

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