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sql_language thread: picture converting in sql7

Message #1 by "WASTYN GLENN" <glenn@g...> on Sat, 16 Dec 2000 10:56:32 -0000
This is very naughty and most unhelpful

As I understand you are being advised to store images
in a directory and include a reference to that
directory in your SQL database.

Well how do these store BLOBS (Binary Large Object )
data sets work. 

True one strategy is to store the data in a
subdirectory and a field in the table pointing to that
data. It will work but is likely to become out of
synchronisation over time. You know the file title
changes. the Directory is moved etc..
This approach is the linked to data type startegy

The other approach is to store the binary data in the
table (pure binary data in our tables) and we need to
do some work here to store and extract this binary
data. With SQL you use the WRITETEXT and the READTEXT
commands. The actual type of  data  JPEG table Exe is
immaterially its just a Large Binary Object stored as

Sometimes code is the simplest and safest way to
resolve these types of problems. 


--- Dadson Johnwakalo <jonnwakalo@h...> wrote:
> Glenn,
> I have the same problem as you do. I had a picture
> and signature
> verification system in ACCESS 2000 using VB6. No
> problem with that, but due
> to the size restriction in Access 2000, I had to
> migrate it to SQL. OLE
> embedded pictures do not work well in SQL or Oracle.
> I posted this but no
> serious response yet. I was told that I can put the
> pictures in one
> subdirectory and refer the file address in the
> database. i am still trying
> to figure that out. If you find out the solution
> before me, please do let me
> know. If I find before you I will also let you know.
> Thanks.
> Dadson
> dcsi@h...
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: WASTYN GLENN <glenn@g...>
> To: sql language <sql_language@p...>
> Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2000 11:56 AM
> Subject: [sql_language] picture converting in sql7
> > I imported my data from access97 into a SQL7.
> > In access97 every client had a OLEobject image
> (his/her picture)
> > In SQL7 my images are saved as photoeditor images
> and just the old images
> > are not longer visible.
> > Everybody I spoke has told me i had to rescan the
> images and insert them
> > in the new database.
> >
> > Does anyone know any dataconverter program that
> could a table of
> > oleobjects into jpegs, or do you know an easy way
> to get the result?
> >
> > URGENT !!!
> >

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