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sql_language thread: RE: sql_language digest: December 17, 2000

Message #1 by "Rick Dobson" <rddcab@i...> on Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:32:02 -0500
The attached digest raises two main issues.  First, converting bound
OLEObject images to jpg format for use with SQL Server on the web.  Second,
displaying images with a SQL Server app on the web.

I am unaware of a program that automates the conversion of OLEObjects to jpg
format, the actual conversion is pretty simple for Microsoft Office fans
with a product called PhotoDraw.  This is an Office component like Word or
Access that deals with processing graphic images.  You can readily copy
images into it, and then save them in any format, such as jpg or gif for
output.  I believe PhotoDraw is available with the Premimum and Office
Developer editions of Office 2000.

One popular, and relatively easy, route for displaying images on the web is
by storing the image file addresses into a SQL Server database.  You can
store the images in the Images folder of a Microsoft FrontPage site or any
other convenient location on your web site.  Some approaches do not even
require the image files at your web site (any other web site will work).
Use the image file address as the src argument for an Image HTML control on
an .asp file.  Alternatively, you can readily use Data Access Pages to
display images over an intranet with an image control.  My book,
Professional SQL Server Development with Access 2000, includes code samples
and step-by-step instructions to help you display images on web pages with
the address stored in a SQL Server database.  Readers can also download the
sample files associated witth chapter for working examples of how to achieve
the results.

I hope this helps.

Rick Dobson
rickd@c... <mailto:rickd@c...>

Subject: picture converting in sql7
From: "WASTYN GLENN" <glenn@g...>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 10:56:32 -0000
X-Message-Number: 1

I imported my data from access97 into a SQL7.
In access97 every client had a OLEobject image (his/her picture)
In SQL7 my images are saved as photoeditor images and just the old images
are not longer visible.
Everybody I spoke has told me i had to rescan the images and insert them
in the new database.

Does anyone know any dataconverter program that could a table of
oleobjects into jpegs, or do you know an easy way to get the result?


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