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sql_language thread: Parse a string to a string

Message #1 by Richard Hadfield <Richard.Hadfield@o...> on Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:22:37 -0000
Here is the working solution, it seemed to involve lots of fun with single
quotes to which I still havent fully got around to understanding....any
simple explanations appreciated, the query was also changed to a view
because it was a dynamic query, the underlying objects then all invoked
permissions..., users of the database have only excecute permissions on
procs, thanks for all the feedback from everyone ;)


CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.sp_PinboardIssues_Get
@UserID VARCHAR(20),
@Favourite TINYINT,
@IssueType TINYINT,
@OrderField VARCHAR(40)


SET @sqlQuery = 
FROM vw_PinboardIssues
WHERE chrUser = ' + '''' + @UserID + '''' 
+ ' AND bitFavourite = ' + '''' + CONVERT(CHAR(1), @Favourite) + '''' 
+ ' AND tintType = ' + '''' + CONVERT(CHAR(1), @IssueType) + '''' 
+ ' ORDER BY ' + @OrderField + ''

EXEC sp_ExecuteSQL @sqlQuery


-----Original Message-----
From: jjboja@h... [mailto:jjboja@h...]
Sent: 06 March 2002 02:30
To: sql language
Subject: [sql_language] Re: Parse a string to a string


Was looking for a problem to my issue, but decided to respond to yours. I 
had something similar when I was writing my stored procedure:

--...in writing standard "SELECT" statement, it did not understand 
variables well; thus I wrote the entire statement as a string and 
used "EXEC" to convert the string into Transact-SQL, and execute it.
-- Furthermore - in my project - I could not get the "IF" statement to 
work with values produced by "EXEC", so I embedded the entire execution 
into a string, and used "EXEC" to convert it and execute it (maybe for 

I can't try it, but let me know if this SQL works (just paste the 
following into your query analyzer and note that ' used to escape the 


CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.sp_PinboardIssues_Get
  @UserID VARCHAR(20),
  @Favourite TINYINT,
  @OrderField VARCHAR(40)

  EXEC (
  'SELECT tblNotify.*, tblIssue.vchrTitle AS ShortDescriptionField,
  tblIssue.dtmLastEdit AS DateField, tblIssue.tintStatus AS StatusField, 
  tblIssue.tintImpact AS ImpactField, tblIssue.txtDescription_Search AS
  LongDescriptionField, tblIssue.smintUserRaised AS UserRaisedByField, 
  tblIssue.smintUserAssigned AS UserAssignedField
  FROM tblNotify, tblIssue, tblUser 
  WHERE tblNotify.chrID = CAST(tblIssue.idIssue AS CHAR) 
        AND tblNotify.tintType = 1
        AND tblUser.idUser = tblNotify.smintUser
        AND tblUser.chrUser = '''+ @userID +''


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