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sql_server_dts thread: SQL DTS 2000 on msde 7

Message #1 by horj235@l... on Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:22:15
I'm having problems with a DTS package I developed on SQL 2000 DTS running 
on another server where I'm just running MSDE 7 (basically SQL 7 Engine).

Is it pretty much possible that the functionality SQL DTS 2000 just isn't 
supported on SQL 7 engine?

I saw maybe the possibility off upgrading MSDE7 to MSDE2000 - perhaps that 
is a fix?

The package in it's smallest form - uses a DSN connection to pull some 
data from a Sybase database.  Works fine until I try running it on the 
server that just has MSDE7 on it.

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