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Thread subjectAuthorRepliesDate
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Controlling Winzip Through Excel VBAtebert@c...124 Sep
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Out of Memory Opening and Closing Files with VBA"Mike Knight" <knightj@s...>220 Sep
Change of Email AddressHugh Gunn <hughgunn@m...> 18 Sep
How do you assign a macro to a workbook using code?"Jason" <jselburg@p...>413 Sep
Unable to set Excel PageSetup.Orientationjeff.montgomery@m...413 Sep
Starting VBA_EXcel"adib" <adib_2003@h...>212 Sep
Re: Shared Access to Workbook"jim snyder" <snyder.jim@h...> 12 Sep
Modal input box or stand alone vb form for input into excel worksheet"mike kerr" <MIKEZCG@Y...>112 Sep
Variables and simple assignments using relative cell references"Hakan Korkut" <hakankorkut1023@h...>912 Sep
ListBox MultiSelect"Kevin Crider" <criderkevin@a...>210 Sep
Opening a range of files based on date range"Rick Thurman" <rthurman@a...>210 Sep
Re: Need Excel 2000 serial port interface"Jason" <jselburg@p...> 09 Sep
Returning the last page of printed document"Jason" <jselburg@p...> 09 Sep
Re: Plotting graph using MS Chart Control"Ralph Savage" <reinhard@c...> 09 Sep
RE: Cannot open my excel fileJehelmer@a...106 Sep
Re: Populating a Listbox with the distinct values of a columnalfreddearnley@n... 06 Sep
Selecting and using rows in a Excel spreadsheet using VBA"Robert McClintock" <robert.mcclintock@h...>305 Sep
Inserting & Deleting Rows within a set range"Craig Potter" <cpotter@k...>205 Sep
Sorting with Bold"Stephen Carpenter" <stvc.69@v...>203 Sep
Re: To exclude data by using Advance FilterSimon Ng <smng@a...> 03 Sep
RE: vba_excel digest: September 02, 2002"Bernie O'Brien" <obrienb@c...> 03 Sep
Nattasira's reply about using the Macro Dialog Boxjmbauer@c... 03 Sep
collections of text boxes on userforms"Lee Aldrich" <LeeAldrich@D...>202 Sep
Excel's Insert Function Dialog Box Parameter Descriptionsjmbauer@c...201 Sep