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vs_dotnet thread: Installing Visual Studio.Net

Message #1 by "Dan Segan" <dsegan@t...> on Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:34:57
I have had a successful installation (with PDC, Beta 1, and now Beta 2) as 
long as I have installed VS 6.0 Enterprise Edition before VS.NET.  (on 2000 
Professional and NT workstation)  Try this order of installation and you 
should be ok.  Some of the file associations will be rearranged, like 6.0 
.sln files when double-clicked it will be opened with VS.NET instead of VS 
6.0 Enterprise Edition.  But these minor associations should be expected 
(Just open your IDE of choice instead of double-clicking on the 
solution/project files).

-- Al

>From: Michael Gamble <mick_g@k...>
>Reply-To: "Vs_dotnet" <vs_dotnet@p...>
>To: "Vs_dotnet" <vs_dotnet@p...>
>Subject: [vs_dotnet] Re: Installing Visual Studio.Net
>Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 07:52:21 -0700
>I have two different systems that have both VS 6 and .NET with no trouble. 
>guess one should be careful, but I at least have no problem.
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>From: SATHISH C.G. [mailto:cgs@s...]
>Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 1:46 AM
>To: Vs_dotnet
>Subject: [vs_dotnet] Re: Installing Visual Studio.Net
>       VS.net can be installed in an system which has its previous 
>6.0). The only thing that we have to take into consideration is we cannot
>install VS 6.0 after installing VS.Net.
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>From: "Dan Segan" <dsegan@t...>
>To: "Vs_dotnet" <vs_dotnet@p...>
>Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 5:34 PM
>Subject: [vs_dotnet] Installing Visual Studio.Net
> > I have been reading a lot about VS.Net and I would like to try it out.
> > Currently I have only one machine which I am using Visual Studio 6.0 on.
> > If I attempt to install VS.Net on the same machine will i run into any
> > problems ? I need to ensure that my VS 6.0 enviornment works as it 
> > has but i would still like to be able to play with .Net. I did not see
> > anything on the VS.Net website specificly refering to this issue. If
> > anyone has experince with this please let me know.

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