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vs_dotnet thread: What about C++ future in the dotnet strategy ?

Message #1 by "Benoit Borremans" <benoit.borremans@a...> on Thu, 28 Jun 2001 07:54:09
No you do not have to use C#, you can continue to code in C++ with the added
benefit that if you choose you can create managed memory apps just like any
of the other .NET languages. You say C# is lacking, I think one has to ask
from what perspective. C++ was always a bit of kludge in the OOP arena and
C# addresses most of those short comings. I'm no expert @C++ so take my
opinion with a grain of salt. C# can also access the Windows API if you
choose and create unmanaged code. I feel like it is the best part of both
worlds OOP and machine functionality. 


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From: Benoit Borremans [mailto:benoit.borremans@a...] 
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 12:54 AM
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Subject: [vs_dotnet] What about C++ future in the dotnet strategy ?

I am a VC++ programmer for many years now. I developed a lot of ATL apps. 
Though I am also a VB programmer, I am particularly curious about what 
dotnet means to C++ programmers. Does it mean that we will have to go to 
C#? I've already seen C# specs and I must say that it is far from being as 
complete as C++ (though it it much simpler).

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