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vs_dotnet thread: Remoting a System.ComponentModel.Componet

Message #1 by "Orion Buttigieg" <orion@r...> on Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:22:41

i've seen all kinds of docs from MSDN and the help files from the beta 2 
studio but haven't come across anything.  maybe someone has figured this 
out.  i'm trying to remote an object, i've chosen the channel and all 
that.  essentially i'm following the quickstart tutorial of hello, but i'm 
not doing anything that simple.  first i've created an Class library type 
of app using the wizard and i'm trying to remote my objects which are 
Component classes within that app.  what can i say...its not working.  

TcpChannel chan = new TcpChannel(8000);

i'm pretty sure i don't have to bother with the MarshalByRefObject part 
since the ComponentModel.Component says it has that built in already.  AND 
i don't know where to put this above code...  i've got it in the 
constructor right now.  someone with some advice...

thanks  ORion

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