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vs_dotnet thread: How to generate wrapper classes in .NET?

Message #1 by irfan_yahaan@y... on Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:06:04
Hi there!!

I have been using Visual J++ from quite a long time. What I usually do is, 
develop a DLL in VJ++. Later on, generate a wrapper class for this DLL and 
just import this wrapper class into my other VJ++ project. This is 
something like, 

I have a.dll, now I generate wrapper class for a.dll which results in 2 
new files, which are the class files. Now I copy these generated class 
files/wrapper classes into my C:\Winnt\Java\Classes folder. 

Later on, in my new VJ++ project, I export the newly generated wrappers 

import irfan.a;

without adding any reference to the project. Now I can access the methods 
of a.dll component. 

Is there a similar feature in .NET where in I can generate the wrappers 
for my C# dll and use??. I think, we shall make use of Global Assembly 

Bye and have a nice day!!!

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