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xslt thread: Triple Nesting Loops

Message #1 by "William Carlo Roncallo" <roncalw@y...> on Mon, 23 Jul 2001 20:22:13
I am very glad that I had to answer it myself since I learned the syntax 
of XPath which made things MUCH clearer.

I continue to be very appreciative of you and this site. After all it is 
what helped me get started on the solution.


> Well done - your next step is to learn about Muenchian grouping using 
> Incidentally, I'm afraid I don't have time to write stylesheets for 
> or to debug complex problems, especially when (as last week) I'm doing 
> work late at night in a hotel room. All I can hope to do on this list is 
> suggest ideas and point people in the right direction. My aim is to help 
> find the solution yourself, not to find it for you. So it's nice to know 
> succeeded. I'm sorry it was frustrating. I can see though that soon, 
> be among the people answering the questions.
> Mike Kay
> Software AG

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