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xslt thread: Re: cals table model transformation support

Message #1 by "Lisa Slater Nicholls" <lisa@s...> on Sat, 1 Jun 2002 01:45:12
Hmm...  not sure why I didn't find that when I did my web search.  Thank a
lot for the tip!  

> T> he following reference from biglist.com might help you (both), and you 
m> ight also want to check docbook.sf.net.  I am not sure, since these 
r> eferences certainly weren't difficult to find; perhaps they are not what 
y> ou are looking for?

> >>>
S> ubject: RE: [xsl] xml-cals-table to html-table with XSLT 
F> rom: "Beckers, Marc" <Marc.Beckers@s...> D> ate: Thu, 7 Jun
2001 17:46:07 +0200 

> -----

> Hi Bart,
Y> ou can start by lifting Norman Walsh's 
t> able.xsl module from his Docbook XSLT suite,
e> xplore:
h> ttp://www.nwalsh.com

> That does a fairly decent job and is quite easy
t> o a) integrate with your own XSLT stylesheets
s> ince it is generic, and b) extend with your own code.

> Especially useful are Norm's way of calculating
c> olspan and rowspan from the CALS attributes.
H> owever, last time I looked there wasn't anything
t> o deal with entrytbl, and colwidth was also lacking
(> I'm currently working on that myself).

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