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techy99 September 9th, 2019 04:17 AM

ASP.NET in today's worldand uses!
This is a perfect post for me to comment on because I had the same thoughts you did just a year ago and I never wanted to learn C#/.NET but now that's what I focus 90% of my time on, and enjoy it :) ... Basically when you're learning to program (even after a couple years of programming) you build up this idea that old languages and frameworks are no longer relevant, PHP is going to die, Java is going to die, and this is based on what people in school and main stream try to convince you of, but that is so far from the truth! Businesses don't write hip blogs, hipsters write hip blogs, and hipsters like new things. Keep that in mind. But hipsters don't make or break a programming language, business adoption of a language is what drives and makes a language popular. About 80% of businesses in my city use the ASP.NET framework. Nearly all of the businesses that my friends went to work for after college use the .NET platform. What will replace the current ASP.NET? Probably a new version release of ASP.NET that can do the same things as newer languages. For instance, everyone raved about NodeJS being async and such, so other languages and frameworks including ASP.NET built in async features. You have to remember that frameworks and languages don't stay stagnant, there are people who work on these languages to keep them competitive with the "new tech on the block". I'll bet ASP.NET will be around as long as the businesses in my area are around, which is probably for the rest of our life times, cause they're not about to rewrite their entire system for a new hip language or framework.

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