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RobEdyvean March 10th, 2004 10:22 AM

Standard .NET Charting Tools
Are there any standard .NET charting tools which are part of the base classes ? I have deployed my site on DiscountASP.NET and need to do some simple graphs but I can't use anything that needs to be installed on the server ...

Hal Levy March 10th, 2004 10:47 AM

No. Remember, .NET controls don't need to be installed on the server- you can copy the DLL and supporting files into your site and they will run just fine.

Hal Levy
Web Developer, PDI Inc.

NOT a Wiley/Wrox Employee

RobEdyvean March 10th, 2004 11:09 AM

Thanks Hal, I didn't know that.
Can I do any simple graphs with the base classes, or do I need to buy one of the mutiplicity of tools I see advertised in banner ads ?

Hal Levy March 10th, 2004 11:20 AM

There are no simple graphing things in .NET- Basically reports come from Crystal Reports..

I bought the infragistics suite- though you can buy the chart alone. ANd depending on what chart you need you can probably find a less expensive tool than the Infragistics solution.

I should say I have found (not an opinion of Wiley or Wrox) too many bugs in the Infragistics controls and I don't think they are responsive enough in fixing them.

Hal Levy
Web Developer, PDI Inc.

NOT a Wiley/Wrox Employee

P.S. - Can someone move this to a more appropriate forum, I don't have rights in this forum to move threads.

RobEdyvean March 10th, 2004 11:33 AM

Thanks again Hal. If anyone can recommend a good graphing component that's not expensive, I'd like to hear about it !
I only need to do simple line graphs from SQL queries.

stu9820 March 10th, 2004 11:53 AM

You can download these and view their source and create your own.


RobEdyvean March 10th, 2004 12:03 PM

Thanks Stu, they do look useful, although the coding required could be a little hairy !
Am still on the look out for a higher level tool ...

Jeff Mason March 10th, 2004 01:14 PM

ComponentOne offers a charting control for .NET:


You can get it free with the (free) .NET VB resource kit:


(Is this the right forum for this? ;) )

Jeff Mason
Custom Apps, Inc.

RobEdyvean March 10th, 2004 02:10 PM

Thanks Jeff, and oops, you're right - I didn't mean to abuse the forum with non-Wrox issues ! Sorry all and thanks for the help.

JeanPierre January 3rd, 2006 02:51 PM

We have been using ChartFX for the last 2 years and now we have upgrade it to the new ChartFX .NET for VS2005, for download the trial I think you can visit http://www.softwarefx.com/SfxTrial/Trial_downloads.aspx
There is also a FREE ChartFX Lite for .NET at http://www.softwarefx.com/sfxNetProducts/cfxLiteForNet/

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