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bmains August 30th, 2004 02:58 PM


I know VWD doesn't compile code like VS.NET 2005 does, and that you have to use the vbc compiler. However, to use Visual Web Developer, can you then use any of the compiled code by having it in the bin directory, or do I need to put in the GAC? Will VWD recognize it?

I tried adding some references, and it wouldn't do it for me (standard references by clicking project > add reference and selecting a DLL). That's a whole other problem.


Hal Levy August 30th, 2004 03:26 PM


I'd think you could add the dll as a reference like you could with VS.NET- however I have not used VWD at all- perhps if you fix your problem with adding a reference the other will shake out?

Hal Levy
Web Developer, PDI Inc.

NOT a Wiley/Wrox Employee

bmains August 31st, 2004 06:09 AM


One thing I didn't notice before is that it included them in my web.config compilation section, as such:

<compilation defaultLanguage="VB" debug="true">
                <add assembly="System.Drawing.Design, Version=2.0.3600.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B03F5F7F11D50A3A"/>
                <add assembly="System.Design, Version=2.0.3600.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B03F5F7F11D50A3A"/></assemblies></compilation>

Didn't notice that before; I'm too used to VS.NET too. I wonder if it puts it there because of the new compilation options available?



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