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vikasp2p September 22nd, 2004 06:44 AM

Email Component
I am developing and E-mail Component.Everything is working fine.Still,I have a requirment as below:
Say,if I am sending an email with an attachment to 10 people,normally the attachment and the body will be sent to all the 10 email addresses but I want to send attachment to only 4 email addresses and other 6 email addresses should not get the attachment ,they should be able to see only the body.
I think ,I explained the problem clearly.
So if any of you have the answer for this and an example, please send it to me.
Raghavendra Vikas.D

Hal Levy September 22nd, 2004 09:19 AM

If your custom writing something, You coud add a property that takes a list of email address objects (or structs). The email address object could have two properties. EMail address and Send Atttachment.. But it's more work than I would do. I would send mail twice.. once to the people who get the attachement and once to those who dont.

I would wonder why you would write an email component when one comes out of the box....

Hal Levy
Web Developer, PDI Inc.

NOT a Wiley/Wrox Employee

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