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st3ve February 3rd, 2005 07:05 AM

Getting Started
This may not be the right place for this, so please feel free to point me to a more suitable forum...

I have designed a simple database in Access (including some VBA code) and would like to be able to web enable it, so that users can add to and search the contents, run reports etc.

I have W2000Pro OS plus Office 2000, IE 6 and nothing else (except access to a SQL server). What else do I need? Where do I start? Can an existing design be grafted onto/into a web interface?

Any help appreciated.

rodmcleay February 3rd, 2005 08:49 PM

This is not quite the right place.
There are many technologies/languages available for web development and many are used in conjunction.
These languages target "Server Side Code", "Client Side Code" and sometimes both.
Javascript does target both but it is infrequently used for Server Side.
"Server Side Code" = Things you do on the server such as accessing the database, loading values in to a list, etc.
"Client Side Code" = Things done in the users browser, such as changing images, colours, testing input values, hiding s=and showing parts of a page, etc.

If you are not familliar with web development and are picking it up from scratch,(Given that you have SQL Server,Access) I would recommend Microsoft .NET Technologies.
You can choose many languages the most common being VB.NET or C#.NET.

When you have a go at these you will get plenty of help for each at the relevant forums.

The forums can not really teach you how to code but rather help you when you get in a problem.

You will need a development tool.
There is a free one from MS that I have not used but hear it is good.
There are also some good tutorials and further info at this site.

Take a look at the link below and then post post any further questions in the chosen technologies forum.


Good Luck

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