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gilgalbiblewheel March 9th, 2005 04:14 AM

Javascript question on reset and onfocus
1. How to reset textbox + textarea?
2. How to make the "function getKeyValue_h(chr)" work without the submit button? (on pasting in textarea it should automatically give the calculated result in the textbox.)


//&&& 1st of 2 instances of getKeyValue(). changed name of Fx, '_h' for hebrew?
function getKeyValue_h(chr) {
  if(chr=="A") return 1;
  if(chr=="B") return 2;
  if(chr=="G") return 3;
  if(chr=="D") return 4;
  if(chr=="H") return 5;
  if(chr=="V") return 6;
  if(chr=="X") return 8;
  if(chr=="+") return 9;
  if(chr=="Y") return 10;
  if(chr=="k" || chr=="K") return 20;
  if(chr=="L") return 30;
  if(chr=="m" || chr=="M") return 40;
  if(chr=="n" || chr=="N") return 50;
  if(chr=="$") return 60;
  if(chr=="O") return 70;
  if(chr=="p" || chr=="P") return 80;
  if(chr=="c" || chr=="C") return 90;
  if(chr=="q") return 100;
  if(chr=="R") return 200;
  if(chr=="S") return 300;
  if(chr=="T") return 400;
  return 0;

function computeValue(str) {
  var ans=0;
  for(var i=0; i<str.length; i++) {
  return ans;

Within <body> (does it have to be in a form too?):

<textarea name="hInput" id="hInput" rows="9" cols="64"
 class="onLoad" onmouseover="this.className='onMouseOver'"
<input type="button" value="calculate value" onclick="javascript:computeValue(document.all.hInput.value, 'h');">

<input type="reset" value="Clear" name="B2">

<input type="text" name="hOutput" id="hOutput" readonly="true">

Learning of our true origins.

I feel sorry:


Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster
Washington was aware that a deadly Tidal Wave was building up in the Indian Ocean

om_prakash March 10th, 2005 10:50 AM

You can use onchange event of the textarea/textbox to call function getKeyValue_h(chr)

Om Prakash

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