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adamusufi June 24th, 2005 04:13 AM

Inserting Images and retrieving from SQL SERVER
The guros
I am using VB.net with Sql server to add images in to the table.
This is how I did it but could not work:

mycommand.commandtext = "INSERT INTO student_master" & _
                        " ( st_picture, st_signature)" & _
                        " values ( @picture1, @picture2)" & _
                        " where student_id = @stu_id"
mycommand.parameters.add( "@picture1", picturebox1.image)
mycommand.parameters.add( "@picture2", picturebox2.image)
mycommand.parameters.add( "@stud_id", txtstudent_id.text)

The data type is image and the student_master table contains other fields that data have already been added through another form. The 2 fields I want insert are empty and I used WHERE clause to the Records. I also used Update statement instead of Insert, but still did not work.

I also tried EXEC SP_tableoption student_master, 'txt In row', 'ON'
on the table and executed the above code again; but did not work

I also need some help to retrieve images from table on to the forms of Vb.net

Adamu sufi

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