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frmsasp October 8th, 2005 12:00 AM

Is anybody tell me how to iterate <asp:Checkbox> a
Dear Friend,

Is anybody tell me how to iterate <asp:Checkbox> array loop.

e.g. in PHP


I am using foreach loop.

Will you pl guide me for below ASP.Net with C# code.

While (daDetail.Read())
   lblLabel.Text += "<input type='checkbox' name='chk[" + daDetail["Module_id"] + i.ToString() + "]' value='A'>Add

This will create multiple checkbox. Now I want to know that how to get value of selected checkbox ?

Thanking You,

laithz October 12th, 2005 09:19 AM

While (daDetail.Read())
   chkBoxName = "chk[" + daDetail["Module_id"] + i.ToString() + "]";
   lblValues.Text += Request.Form[chkBoxName] + "<br>";

Imar October 12th, 2005 10:05 AM

Is this for ASP.NET 2.0, the new ASP.NET version about to be released in November?

If not, please post your question in the 1.x forum, located here:

If it is for ASP.NET 2.0, can you provide more details? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Imar Spaanjaars
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