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tarzannn January 4th, 2006 02:35 AM

Weired Behavior ASP Files in VPN Network
I don't know how I should describe this matter :D

Okay, I have some asp pages running fine on regular ISP network environments.

I use VPN connection in order to connect with the network my company provided. When I browse in VPN environments, the pages passes only upto two asp pages (which contains database connection to use select statement). On the 3rd pages, the page doesn't go anywhere.

The page it got shopped as follows

<%@ Language=VBScript %>


    If Session("Access_ok") = "" then
      Response.Redirect ("Session_End.asp")
    'Search table based on the inserted User ID
        sqlstr = "SELECT * FROM xxxx WHERE PIN_NUM = '" & pin_num & "'"
        sqlstr = sqlstr & "AND REMOTE_IP = '" & Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") & "'"
        set rs = dbCon.Execute(sqlstr)

        If not rs.EOF Then

    <script language="javascript">
        alert("You are already voted");
        location.href = "../index.asp";
    else 'if this is the first time to participate the survey



      'for the first voter; save IP address and pin number

        sqlstr2 = "INSERT INTO xxxxx (PIN_NUM, REMOTE_IP) VALUES"
        sqlstr2 = sqlstr2 & "('" & Session("Access_ok") & "'"
         sqlstr2 = sqlstr2 & "," & "'" & Request.ServerVariables ("REMOTE_HOST") & "'"
         sqlstr2 = sqlstr2 & ")"

         dbCon.Execute (sqlstr2)

        End if 'end if If not rs.EOF Then

   <meta http-equiv="Refresh" Content="0; url=../en_xxx_01.asp?">

    Set RS = Nothing
 End if

I tried to save IPAddress so that once someone already came this page then I'd like to stop to access it.

I could type http://www.xxx.com/en_xxx1.asp and it goes fine.

The problem starts now.

I thought the page can't be displayed becuase I uses REMOTE_ADDR in VPN environment. So, I deleted this page and made to go to en_xxx1.asp. Now, I can't display en_xxx1.asp and can't type en_xxx1.asp to display.

Can anyone tell me what's going on??

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