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jjc9809 February 15th, 2006 08:48 PM

Entering Multiple Parameters in a Paramter Query
I have a Microsoft ACCESS table that has over 15,000 records. I need for the user to enter multiple paramters in a query to pull all of the records for types entered in one parameter msg box. For example, When a macro button is pushed to run the paramter query, a MSG box will appear asking the user to PLease Enter License Types. The user would enter say, 10,11,30,31,32,60, 70 and 80 for example. I would want Access to pull all of the records for all of these types.

ANother question along this line with this same file. I have Issue Dates in this file coming in as a Mainframe Text File. The dates appear with 11006, 21006, 12506. The leading zero is chopped off. I want to add this zero back to have 011006, 021006, and 012506. I have 15,000 records to do this on, is there a script that will do this in an Update Query?

Joel Carmack

Loralee February 15th, 2006 09:20 PM

What datatype do you have your IssueDate field set to? If you set it to "Date" and the format property to "short date" does that fix it?


PS How many parameters do you want your user to enter?

jjc9809 February 15th, 2006 09:36 PM

The Issue Date Field is coming in as a text field from a mainframe program Cobol. THe issue date field will be later changed to a Date?time once I put the chopped zero back. I will then convert the text data to date/time using another script which I know how to do.

I need for the user to enter up to 12 data types at one time.

Joel Carmack

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