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mojo11ku February 16th, 2006 06:09 PM

Chapter 4 table3.php
I have noticed something in the code, which goes something like this:

1. $movie_details .= <<<EOD
2. <tr>
3. <td><a href="movie_details.php?movie_id=$movie_id"
4. title="Find out more about $movie_name">$movie_name</td>
5. <td>$director</td>
6. <td>$leadactor</td>
7. </tr>

Now if you look at line number 3 it starts with <a> but have no endings in line nr. 4
I have tryed it in my browser and the code didn't produce any error but i just thought
it would be better with ending tags...

TheDudeTux February 16th, 2006 07:39 PM

Hey whats up Dude? I saw your post, actually I didnt notice that before. So when I looked at my code and also the books code and the downloaded code. They all had the same code without the closing </a>. The code probably ran fine because HTML is pretty forgiving compared to Java and PHP and other languages. I changed mine with the </a> and it still worked the same. I had it set up $movie_name </a></td> on line 4. All and all with or without it I think your good to go. But in future situations things might be different depending on what you are doing with the link...sometimes not closing the <a href will hyper link up your work if you dont close it. Keep up the good work and keep coding!!! Good eye on spotting it too! Take Care

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