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mustang April 9th, 2006 09:45 AM

i have a few excel sheets , how can i view them in my app.

or import them in a database

john.glenn965 July 18th, 2013 08:05 AM

Re: excel
Hi, to me the easiest way would be to export Excel to DataGridView like this:

' Load Excel (XLSX) from a file.
Dim workbook = ExcelFile.Load("Workbook.xlsx")

' Export active worksheet to DataGridView.
    New ExportToDataGridViewOptions() With {.ColumnHeaders = True})

Also here is how to import Excel sheets to a DataSet, every sheet is a new DataTable:

Dim dataSet = New DataSet()

' Load Excel file.
Dim workbook = ExcelFile.Load("Workbook.xls")

' Export all worksheets to DataSet.
For Each worksheet In workbook.Worksheets
    ' Extract the data from the worksheet to newly created DataTable starting at
    ' first row and first column for 10 rows or until the first empty row appears.
    Dim dataTable = worksheet.CreateDataTable(New CreateDataTableOptions() With
            .StartRow = 0,
            .StartColumn = 0,
            .NumberOfRows = 10,
            .ExtractDataOptions = ExtractDataOptions.StopAtFirstEmptyRow
    dataTable.TableName = worksheet.Name

    ' Add DataTable to DataSet.

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