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Stagmo April 14th, 2006 12:35 AM

div tag as link
So I've been trying to figure this out... I have a bunch of div tags (php generated from sql database.) and I want to make them so you can click anywhere in the div tag and it opens the link in a new window. This is all fine and dandy, but there is also a link IN the div tag that I want to do the SAME thing.

I got it to work just fine except when I use a normal link in the div tag it then opens 2 identical windows since there is one from the div tag using javascript (onclick) and the other from the link itself.

I tried making the link dead and have an onmouseover that changes the status to the link location (because yes this is important to me,) but the problem there is that the onMouseOver="status='blah.htm'" doesnt work for firefox (yes i put in the: return true;)

So I guess the real question is.. how can I make a link out of a div tag w/o javascript - OR - how do I make the div javascript disabled when i click the hyperlink? if i can..

If you need more information to make sense of all this let me know, and thanks for the help.

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