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natmaster April 17th, 2006 01:50 AM

» in content property
So I want » to show up in my content property, and doing content: '»'; was working fine for the longest time, then I started serving my page up in the proper xhtml mime type (application/xhtml+xml) and firefox started displaying what should have been the », as a ?

What did I do wrong? Is there some XHTML spec restricting »? I tried turning it into a », because I know those are required in the actual XHTML code - but this just displayed the actual string, '»'.

Also, IE ALWAYS displays the ?, even though it doesn't support the proper mime type (so I serve text/html to it).

The site is shadowgaming.org.

I THINK this might have something to do with unicode character encoding, as I remember reading something about the application/xhtml+xml mime type forcing it... I specify charset=iso-8859-1 in a meta tag, but I don't know if that actually does anything.... in the info window in firefox under 'character encoding' it said 'UTF-8'.

Thanks in advance for your help, I hope I provided enough information.

Aeon of Darkness MUD - Free Online Roleplaying Game

natmaster April 17th, 2006 02:12 AM

Heh, after further research, I figured it out. It was forcing my charset to unicode, however the document wasn't encoded in it, so the bytestream was confusing it (apparently, it figured out the normal characters though). I edited the actual file's encoding and everything works now.

Aeon of Darkness MUD - Free Online Roleplaying Game

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