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adias May 5th, 2006 02:01 PM

Check for items with low values
Hi all

I am using this forum because nobody uses the VBA forum and since this question is very similar to other forums, I hope that someone will read this one and give me some assistance.

How can you condition whether a form needs to be pop up or not when you start Access?

I have a table with three fields, Part No, Qty in Stock, Reorder Level.

What I want to do is to pop up a form listing the Part No of the products that needs to be reordered when I open the application in Access. That is, if the Qty in Stock field is less than the Reorder Level field for that record, I want to write that record to a form when I start Access. Of course, if all the products doesn't meet this criteria, meaning that the Qty in Stock is not LESS than the Reorder Level field, then the form should not Pop Up.

This is not specificially applied to Access, but may be for other databases. In other words, the logic is the same whether you work in Access, DB2 or SQL.

I simply could not find out how to condition this at run time. Remember that Access does NOT support triggers.

Any ideas would be welcome.


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