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Ahmed_cseng September 13th, 2006 08:24 AM

.Net dependency in .Net Setup project
This is the first time for me to create a setup project using .Net setup projects.

It is easy and powerful to use .Net setup project for this issue. Anyway, I search for something and I didn't find much answers on net for my question. After I solved it I decided to send it here, perhaps there is someone else looking for answer of the same question.

Question is, if I made a setup project, the prerequisite of this setup is .Net framework setup on this machine. If not, setup doesn't work. How to embed .Net framework in your setup project?

Create a new C# project? Add New project to the solution of that project. this new Project is .Net setup project. Add the target project primary output.

Now to insert dot net framework setup, write click the setup project in the solution explorer, choose view, Launch Conditions. You will see in the conditions list item called ".NET Framework". Click this icon, in the properties window choose InstallURL, modify it to be the .net framework exe (after you set it with your project)

Eng Ahmed Abu El Ella
Software Developer

englere September 18th, 2006 09:10 PM

There's no way to install the Framework from a setup project that requires the Framework in order to run. It has to be installed separately. You can give your users the redistributable version and include instuctions for them to run it.

Or you could write an unmanaged setup that can install the Framework. That's not something I can help you with.


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