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arry004 September 27th, 2006 05:16 AM

Create Crystal Report using Php, Mysql
Hi every one...

I need to create crystal report using php, mysql. I have XP, IIS, PHP5.1.6, Mysql 5, CrystalReport 11, Mysql Odbc driver 3.51.60 installed on my pc. The current code I am using is giving me error... please tell me where I am doing wrong....

$COM_Object = "CrystalReports11.ObjectFactory.1";
$objCom = new COM($COM_Object);

$crapp = $objCom->CreateObject("CrystalDesignRunTime.Application" );
$creport = $crapp->OpenReport($my_report, 1);


exception 'com_exception' with message 'Source: Unknown
Description: Unknown' in e:\Projects\RND\COM\PHP_WORD_Demo\CrystalReportDem o.php:12 Stack trace: #0 e:\Projects\RND\COM\PHP_WORD_Demo\CrystalReportDem o.php(12): com->CreateObject('CrystalDesignRu...') #1 {main}

Thanks in advance

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