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effone October 2nd, 2006 03:28 PM

Help needed for Windows Hooks (Global Mouse Hooks)
I have two addins installed in my Outlook 2003, both have their specific functionality, I would like to integrate the functionality of both thru global mouse hooks, here is my senerio

1) Lets say there is a button "abc" on toolbar "A" in outlook mail composing window
2) and there is a button "xyz" on toolbar "X" in the same mail composing window
3) on click of button "abc", I would like to generate click of button "xyz" first
4) and then resume back to the process of button "abc"

I am thinking of developing application using VC++ and creating global mouse hooks (may be there is some better approach), I know I can capture the mouse click but my questions are

1) how do I know that the click that was captured is for "abc" button....I think I'll have to determine if the click was for OUTLOOK main window and then determine which mail composing window the click was for, and then finally determine which toolbar/button was it for........but how do I do this all ? any ideas/pointers/suggestions

2) Once I know that the click was for button "abc" now second step is, how do I push a new click event in the windows queue for button "xyz" in toolbar "X"

Also one thing to note is, there may be multiple mail composing windows open but we got to work on the active one only which initiated the click event in question.

Thanks in advance.

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