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himutg December 12th, 2006 05:29 AM

graphics in c++

hey im am a beginner in programming in c++. some application i'v developed which is text based. right now im using turbo c++ ver4.5.

but i want to write some programme which can perform simple graphics.
can i do some graphics work with this compiler. i have also tried some code which includes graphics.h include files but my compiler don't support it.
do you think it would be possible to write window application with this compiler? without using the visual c++. please write some help for me.and please suggest some book or e-book where i can get some help.

Geo121 December 12th, 2006 08:22 AM


graphics and window apps SHOULD be possible in any compiler or enviroment

however there may be an exception and I could be wrong

as far as graphics go I'm not too expierienced but I do know that the IDE by bloodshed

does support graphics

I can't help you much in the graphics department because I have yet to find a good lesson on them

I do know how to display image files but I have yet to learn how to render images

Now where I can help you out alot is window applications

window applications are possible using the Win32 API

I could go into a large deal about helping you but the best thing would be for you to go to :


This is the Forger's Win32 API Tutorial

This is the best API Tutorial I have come across

It explains alot (I wish it was around when I was learning the API =P)

If you have any problems completing the tutorial or come across to a difficult spot

let me know I will help you out

Just post a topic and I will respond to it

Now I would like to suggest bloodshed's IDE called

Bloodshed's Dev C++

It's a free compiler that does support graphics and windowed apps programming and has built in

compilers, linkers, and libraries

and it's just a really nice IDE (custom color coding options =P)

check it out at :


download version 5 beta =P

let me know what ya think

~ Geo

 ~ You are unique, just like everyone else

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