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dparsons March 15th, 2007 01:01 PM

Device Emulator -- VS2003 -- x64 Install Error
Hello everyone,

I hope someone can either confirm or deny this for me. My development machine just got updated from a regular XP Pro 32bit system to an XP Pro 64 bit system and I have been going through the motions setting up my software and such.

Well I got everything pretty much set back up and had to go in and make some changes to a PocketPC application and when I went to run the application, I got an error saying: "Emulator driver installation failed. Most common cause: user does not have administrator permissions."

I went through the normal trouble shooting but the account that I use to log on to my pc is a member of the local PC Administrator group as well as the Domain Administrator group.

I read the MSDN documentation on how to set up the Emulator driver by hitting F5 and also by deploying to a particular device but both of these methods produced the above error.

The Smart Device programming tools were installed when I setup Visual Studio.

I am somewhat at a loss here and can not find any MSDN documentation that contains a fix for my problem.

Is it a known fact that this driver does not work on x64 systems? Is there anyway to integrate the VS2005 driver into VS2003 since that driver does work on x64 systems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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nerdangel September 26th, 2011 11:10 AM

x64 Emulator Installation Issues...
Were you able to find a solution to this issue? I had Emulator 2002. It was giving the errors that you wrote about, so I found an Emulator 2003 installation. I knew that it wouldn't go against my VS 2003, so I went a head with the update. It still didn't help with this issue.

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