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senthilreddy May 21st, 2007 10:00 PM

read text file
HI Guyz,

               I'm a newbie in asp.net. What i would like to do is read a text file , take certain values and post them back in a page.

For example let say a a.txt file which contains :

name :


age :




name :


age :


designation :




i would like to take only the values next to line with name and age only :::: name (jenna,senthil) age:(20,25)

and post them back in a new page.

i could read the whole file and post everything.:

<%@ Import Namespace="System.IO" %>

<SCRIPT Runat="Server">

Sub Read_File_Fields (Src As Object, Args As EventArgs)

  Dim FileReader As StreamReader
        FileReader = File.OpenText("C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents\Works Senthil\Celcom Billing\17.Celcom - Billing\02.Celcom-Dell\TH.dat")

  Dim LineIn As String
  Dim FieldArray() As String
  Dim Field As String

  LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
  If Not LineIn = Nothing Then
            FieldArray = Split(LineIn, ",")

    '-- Display table header
    FileContents.Text &= "<table border=""1"">"
    FileContents.Text &= "<tr style=""background-color:#F0F0F0"">"
    For Each Field in FieldArray
      FileContents.Text &= "<th>" & Field & "</th>"
    FileContents.Text &= "</tr>"

    '-- Display table rows
    LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
    While LineIn <> Nothing
      FieldArray = Split(LineIn, ",")

      '-- Display a table row
      FileContents.Text &= "<tr>"
       For Each Field in FieldArray
       FileContents.Text &= "<td>" & Field & "</td>"
      FileContents.Text &= "</tr>"

      LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
    End While

    FileContents.Text &= "</table>"
  End If

End Sub


<form id="Form1" Runat="Server">

<b>Read Celcom Bills Fields: </b>
<asp:Button Text="Read File" OnClick="Read_File_Fields" Runat="Server"/>

<p><asp:Label id="FileContents" EnableViewState="False" Runat="Server"/></p>


How could i pick only a few values such as the name and age. The values for name is on the next line. Help me out if there is a way. I'm using vwd with sql express.the place i'm stuck is how to search for the line says (age/name) and find for the next line. i could noy picturize how the codes could look like. thank you for ya help.

pons_saravanan December 19th, 2010 10:56 PM

It is a very old question, but if anyone struggles in the same way you may use the following

You can use the filesystem for Vb.Net Read Text File easily pass the string into a variable.

split the string using name or read until you find 'name' in the string. then for each stop read the other attributes(age, etc...) then use another string to form the display string as you did in your code.

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