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denzil_cactus June 11th, 2007 02:34 AM

XML parsing
Hi All,

Can anybody plz help me for writing code for parsing the XML document using XML::Parser::Grove module..
I am searcing for some online books also ..but I am not able to find any tutorials also.

I have one task to do using that module

I need to parse an XML file using XML::Parse::Grove Module
I need to search over all the nodes in the XML file and then I get any path I need to validate that path if it exists

Please help me out

I am attaching the XML code,I just want to parse that XML code

<xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1">
<Animal name="" version="1.0">
            <param name="name">animalplanet</param>
            <param name="type">database</param>
            <param name="name">animal_source</param>
            <param name="path">/home/denzil/tmp/</param>
            <param name="type">xml</param>
            <param name="name">horse_source</param>
            <param name="path">/home/denzil/Anim/Test</param>
            <param name="type">xml</param>
            <param name="name">dest_hor</param>
            <param name="type">xml</param>
            <param name="source">/usr/bin/test</param>
            <param name="destdir">/home/cactus/temp</param>
            <param name="infile_path">/home/anim/in</param>
            <param name="outfile_path">/home/anim/out</param>

I need to extract the path shown in particular nodes for sure Tell me How to write the code
OR PLEASE SEND ME resources or links for that

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