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buckycore November 28th, 2007 02:02 PM

Visual Studio 2005 FrontPage Extensions Stumper
I'm currently helping a client solve a little FrontPage Extension stumper when editing their ASP.net project in a remote session via Visual Studio 2005.

The problem is that they're able to log in half the time, and half the they're not able to. When logging in to the remote development server via the I.P. address with VS 2005, they have no problems. The user credentials for the allowed accounts work just fine. However, when they try and log in to the remote development server using the URL which points to the same I.P. address, they are prompted with the authentication form, but no user credentials under any account work at all.

 I had initially thought that the URL isn't resolving to the I.P. address for some reason. I had tried and replicated the same problem under my own Virtual Dedicated hosting solution, but didn't have any problems with both the I.P. or URL scenario. I also fiddled on my own local host development machine, and did learn about the Configuring/Checking Server Extensions for respective web sites with the IIS manager. I've not had the chance to experiment with that on the development server that I'm discussing about with this problem. However, here are two details concerning the server in question:

A: The I.P. is behind a firewall, so there's no public access to the web site via the I.P. address, but the URL resolves just fine via a web browser for public access

B: The web server in question utilizes multiple I.P. address, as it hosts several different web sites from it. So, I'm beginning to wonder if the FPE are getting confused for some reason, not knowing which I.P. to point to, hence no authentication credentials will work?

 I even went so far as to snoop around the *.cnf files that are part of the FPE on a server to see if there was an tweaking, or manual changes that might be needed…but to no real avail as of yet.

So, any advice, web site, forum or blogs with any information and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


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