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Dracos October 25th, 2008 10:53 PM

Book is Horrible
I am posting this as a heads up, if you are a noob to novice this book is not for you. Even as a advanced C/C++ programmer that just recently converted to C# this book is just horrible.

Whats even worse is it is listed as XNA 2.0 compatible yet in the book he clearly states 2.0 was not released at the time of writing.

The technical writing ability of the author is fair at best and leaves a lot to be desired. He spends more time and wasted pages on previous histories and irrelevant subject matter, that really in the end I get a feeling this book was written so he could have a forum for his incredible knowledge of manusha, then actually give clear conies direction on how to create solid usable repeatable code that everyone can understand from layman to Pro.

Even the down loadable and viewable support files do not match the examples in the book.

Do yourselves a favor and put your money on any other XNA and C# books then this one. This book is a bust more can be learned from the documentation that comes with XNA or a decent primer for C# and XNA

bookslinger March 19th, 2009 12:28 PM

Thanks for the advice, nearly got this the other day thanks to a recommendation on a book review site!

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