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robert June 18th, 2003 10:45 PM

deployment chapter hard to follow
I would like a complete copy of the solution built on another machine. Apparently deployment projects are "easy", but I can't see how. The last chapter opens a new deployment project/solution and suddenly a screenshot shows directories from ThePhile project. How did they get there? The book talks of dragging and dropping and I can see that directories can be dragged and dropped from Explorer. Is this what he meant? Do you have to manually drag all the dll's into the bin folder? The talk of source/without source is not explained. Does without source, mean manually delete the .vb code behind classes? How do you create the msi files? None of this seems very automatic or easy to me.
It seems to me preferrable just to xcopy the whole thing. It's a pity that after all the careful description in previous chapters, comes a final chapter that explains virtually nothing.

allenracho June 18th, 2003 11:57 PM

Hi robert -

As far "installing" a running copy of the site, in theory it's quite simple: you literally duplicate the site structure in an appropriate directory and set it up in IIS so it's recognized as a "Web Application." Of course, you might want to omit files specifically for development, such as .csproj and .sln files (and there's no need to copy the /obj directories either).

Disclaimer: I didn't actually get as far as testing ThePhile, but I am extrapolating, based on my own experience adapting the core structure for my own in-progress site.

If you set it up like they did - there is one so-called "Web Project" called ThePhile and something like 19 local projects - then I think you will get a cleaner setup where every time you compile, VS.NET will copy the required DLLs to the /bin folder right off of the site's root folder. You don't ever have to worry about copying things left and right - when you deploy the site, along with copying all the files and folders of the project (as described above), you just copy over to the /bin directory on the live server all the DLLs that were collected there locally.

Stupidly enough, or perhaps I'm just that impatient, I didn't have just one Web Project, but instead developed the site live, so that after every compile, the site is immediately updated... it's always live. A main drawback of this (other than obviously if you break the latest build, anyone visiting will be affected right away), is that the DLL situation is a bit cleaner, with sub-Web Projects such as the News Module having their own local /bin directory. At the end of the day, however, if you keep your naming neat, VS.NET will still keep track of everything and copy everything in the correct places. I had -one- exception to this: it's on another thread in this board.

I don't know if this was helpful, but I hope you get some ideas -

mencher cat, mencher cat. boo. cattydear. what a lovely!

robert June 19th, 2003 12:12 AM

Hi Allen,
Thanks for the reply. Creating a web application in IIS on a different server and copying the whole solution directory (perhaps deleting project and sln files), is something I can already do. My problem is doing that same job via a deployment project within vs.net. Have you tried that? Questions:
1. how do you "drag and drop" the directories? Is it done from Explorer to vs.net?
2. are you supposed to manually drag the dll files into the bin directory using the same technique?
3. is removing source files (code behind .vb files?) also a manual process?
4. is there any way of automating this stuff?
5. how do you produce an msi file?
I must be missing something, because it doesn't seem so magnificently easy to me.

allenracho June 20th, 2003 12:22 PM

Hi Robert -

-My problem is doing that same job via a deployment project within vs.net. Have you tried that?

Hmm. I must say I haven't. I've been "cheating" you see, by developing the site "live." It's a personal site and I'm running my own server, so I was able to do that. Not good practice, I know, but hey. :D But now you've gotten me interested in finding out about this deployment project.


mencher cat, mencher cat. boo. cattydear. what a lovely!

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