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cat_mandu_online September 3rd, 2009 12:22 AM

ASP wrapper for XML?
Im programming in classic ASP.

I have an xml string that I have to parse and eventually insert into the fields into a database. What is the most efficient way to get access to elements of an XML string?

For instance, I'd like to implement something like this:


for x=0 to MyNode.size
Response.Write MyNode(5).("FirstName") & MyNode(5).("LastName")

I am currently using XMLDOM, however it takes a long time to iterate the children of the node. Perhaps there is a solution I can buy or get free on the internet?

Martin Honnen September 3rd, 2009 06:30 AM

With classic ASP you usually use MSXML for XML parsing. MSXML since version 3 (which is installed anywhere where IE 6 or later is installed) supports XPath 1.0 with methods like selectNodes and selectSingleNode.
On most systems you will nowadays also find MSXML 6 as it is part of the OS since Windows XP SP 3 and Vista I think.
I guess you are already using MSXML when you say "I am currently using XMLDOM".
As for the performance issue, you could check whether MSXML 6 performs better than MSXML 3 for your queries.

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