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nkvd3941 April 30th, 2010 03:23 AM

Cant login after creating User
I am finding i create a new login and access my system (dctsystems.org), but then when i logout, i can't log back in again.

If i enter my username and a alid pw, i get redirected back to the login screen; if i enter an invalid pw i get the "u have entered an invalid pw" message". So i know i am accessing my securityDB, but just cant get authenticated and get into the system.

I can also tell i am accessing the security db as the LastActivityDate in the Users table is always updated when i try to logon. I am guessing it is some sort very fast of expiration.

Everything works just fine on my local machine.

Anyone seen this before?

nkvd3941 April 30th, 2010 05:30 AM

Sorry - complete schoolboy error.

While testing my system it was neccassary to keep changing the system clock.

This adversely affects the login expiration times.
I really am learning the hard way.

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