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Bill_Thompson June 11th, 2010 07:19 PM

How are paths determined on a remote machines?
How are paths determined on a remote machines?
I have been assigned a network loaction. Let's call it \\wassup\test1
I assume that wassup is the name of the computer. The question I have is this. How can I determine what the local path from the point of view of the remote machine would be for "test1". For example, how would I know if it is c:\test1 or d:\test1 ?

planoie June 11th, 2010 10:55 PM

You can not.

Firstly: "wassup" is a network device name. It could be a real server or a virtual server, a real file share appliance (NAS) or a virtual share root such as a clustered file share host served by one of a number of servers.

Secondly: "test1" is a file share exposed on the device. It could be anything, possibly even a location not on that same device (although that would be unlikely). Unless you can get onto the device named "wassup" you can not determine what the physical location is.

If, however, "wassup" were a windows server you could access, you could look in the "File Shares" section of computer management to see that share name and thus the physical location of it. This is better than trying to hunt around in the file system for the shared directory if it is not named in an otherwise obviously discoverable way.

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