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bagellady July 20th, 2010 12:53 PM

The class or CssClass value is not definded
Why do I keep getting the message the class or CssClass value is not defined?
I am working in the Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 book and I keep getting these warnings. This seems to happen especially on my default and master pages.
Please help.

Imar July 20th, 2010 01:16 PM

Hi there,

If it's about the book, would you mind posting these kind of questions here: http://p2p.wrox.com/book-beginning-a...0-18759-3-389/

Makes it easier for others to find relevant questions and answers.

That said, if they are just warnings, and everything works fine at run-time, you can safely ignore them. Visual Studio doesn't always know where the classes are defined. This is especialy the case when using themes as VS doesn't always know which theme is in effect.

The book mentions these warnings here and there, IIRC.



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