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evilcllieno January 26th, 2011 09:32 PM

html files not displaying properly in Firefox on my iMac
Following the instructions in Beginning PHP, I just installed the MAMP package on my iMac. I created the simple html file to test the server and saved it in the correct place (/applications/MAMP/htdocs). I entered the correct URL (http://localhost:8888/testing.html) into my web browsers (Safari and Firefox), but the file won't display properly. Instead of processing the html code, it simply displays the html code. It should display the "testing" heading that the code is supposed to produce. Does anybody have any idea at all what is going on here? I am new to MAC by the way, I just bought my 27" iMac last week after 19 years of using PCs. So I am probably doing something wrong. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is very different from Windows and I still don't really know my way around it yet. So any help would be gratefully appreciated here! Why is the "testing.html" file not displaying properly in the web browsers? I can't continue with the book until I get this figured out. Thanks everyone.

Kohtaovillas February 14th, 2011 04:19 AM

I think it has some thing to do with MIME types

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