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brendenm March 7th, 2011 05:24 PM

Long running package cancelled
Hey Jessica,

Everything about the framework is running great except one thing. Every so often i have a package or two that runs quite a bit longer than it's supposed to. I go into SQL Agent monitor and manually cancel the job. When i do this the logs within the framework database still treat the job as having a "running" status. I looked over some of the stored procedures for error handleing and was curious how i would account for a job that was cancelled by the user. As of right now, the LogPackageEnd only runs on success and if there is a way to account for this, i would think it would be there.

What i don't know is where to pull the information from and what to pull if a user cancelled a long running package. I think I could modify the procedure to log either "C" for cancelled or "S" for success but what information do i need to determine cancellation?

If it's not the LogPackageEnd, where would i put this new error handler? I don't recall there being a handler for that type of event.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Brenden

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