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rachalmers May 1st, 2011 03:16 AM

Can't install on iPhone?
Using Flash CS5 Pro. iTunes, on Win7 x64
Which comes with both 3.5 and 4 SDK directories. ?

I patiently entered the entire VanillaApp - the first example in the book.
Got rid of all my errors - my spelling mistakes - and created the ipa file.

Provisioning is fine as far as I can tell. did a dummy with no code in it, and it installed fine. Have other HelloWorld apps etc installed.

However ...

When I try to install the entire app onto the iPhone I get this error message.

"The app VanillaApp was not installed because of an unknown error 0xE8000009"

I can't even imagine what this error is caused by? Something in the code that the iPhone 4 can't handle perhaps?

I do hope someone there can shine some light on this.

////// THe error has gone away. I really paid attention to where my files were being put, and created a proper build directory tree. Also made sure all correct references to the sdk were right. Etc etc. Compiled and installed fine.
Very tricky. Still don't know what the actual error was though. System related I think.


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