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bukko August 7th, 2011 08:00 PM

Is this book out of date now?
In the "Using Interface Builder" section (at the start) the interface builder it describes is nothing (well, vaguely) like what I see.

For example:
I only see 3 windows and "view" is called "window"
The "setting up outlets" section is virtually unusable because of so many differences.

Are these the only differences, and can I just skip this section?
Is there an earlier SDK I can download and if so will it still work?
Is there a newer version of the book available?


I am using Interface Builder version 3.1.4 (680).
Is this out of date rather than the book?

bukko August 9th, 2011 06:21 PM

Ok so, seeing as no help was forthcoming, I downloaded the latest version of XCode with the latest SDK.
Now it won't work at all.

Any help at all would be gratefully received.

bukko August 9th, 2011 06:28 PM

I'm going to ignore the instructions in the book and follow this guide instead.
I'm new to this Mac lark.
Can anyone tell me the best way to de-install everything so I can re-install it and try again?


bukko August 10th, 2011 08:19 AM

Thanks all, you've been great.
Looks like I'll have to reformat and start from scratch.

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