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priyanka.jns August 9th, 2011 08:15 AM

VB Active X Control in ASP.NET web application

We have a activex control built in visual basic 6.0. We have included .CAB, .OCX and .INF file in our asp.net web site.

I hosted the website on IIS. When I try to hit any of activex buttons, Javascript error come that object does not support this property.

Code to include activeX is

<OBJECT ID="TControl" name="TControl" CLASSID="CLSID:E4EFADF0-BA51-4DA9-B72B-0B2E912E8F56" CODEBASE="UniActiveX.CAB#version=1,0,0,0" style="display:none;"></OBJECT>

function TLogin()

var txtTserverHost = document.getElementById('txtTserverHost').value;
var txtTserverPort = document.getElementById('txtTserverPort').value;
var txtExtension = document.getElementById('txtExtension').value;
var txtAgentID = document.getElementById('txtAgentID').value;

var obj = document.getElementById('TControl');

obj.Login(txtTserverHost,txtTserverPort,txtExtensi on,txtAgentID);


Its giving error at obj.Login..

Pl help, its quite urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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