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Sapan September 20th, 2011 08:23 AM

how to query database tables depending on the logged-in user.
I would like to know how to limit a logged-in user to view and edit data that were entered by him only. I am not talking about personal information of each user that could be dealt with profiles. I am talking about any other data.
Additionally, I also want to know how can an another person, say a manager, can view all data entered by all users.
Any useful reply is welcome but since I am following Imar since asp.net 3.5 I would love to hear from him.
Sapan [:)]

Imar September 20th, 2011 02:40 PM

Hi there,

It depends a bit on your data access technology, but it's common to take the user's name / identity into account as well as the role membership. In pseudo code the following LINQ query would accomplish this:


bool userIsAdministrator = User.IsInRole("Administrators");
var whatever = from a in Articles
    where a.CreatedBy == User.Identity.Name || userIsAdministrator
    select a;

This selects all articles that belong to a user, or really al articles when the user is an admin.

You can do similar stuff for direct SQL or other database access methods.

Hope this helps,


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